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Friday, April 6, 2012

Oscar's Oasis

Ever seen the movie Rango? Then try comparing Rango (character) to Oscar. Oscar is a lizard that lives in the desert.

Here is  a list of similarities between Rango and Oscar.
  • Both live in the middle of nowhere (the desert, not literally nowhere.).
  • Both eat bugs.
  • Both are clumsy.
  • Both have frog-like tongues.
  • Both encounter a gang of bullies at least once (Rango: Jenkins gang. Oscar: the Trio.)
  • Both are small when compared to other characters.

Here is a list of differences between Rango and Oscar.
  • Oscar is a cross from an amok, for being able to split his tail off and grow a new one, a chameleon, for having the chameleon-like tongue, and a gecko, for being able to run super fast and climb walls super fast. Rango, on the other hand, is all chameleon.
  • Oscar doesn't wear clothes while Rango does.
  • Oscar apparently likes eating eggs.
  • Oscar has no dialogue whatsoever.

Oscar's Oasis is very funny show. Here's a description.
Oscar's Oasis is based on the life a lizard named Oscar. Some examples are trying to steal a chicken egg, falling in love with a girl lizard and finding water.

  • Oscar has no dialogue, leaving the audience guessing for what he's saying.
  • A running gag (a running gag is a comical feature that is shown in cartoons a lot.) in the show is that something humorously bad happens to Oscar at the end.
  • In the episode Fly Force One, Oscar breaks the fourth wall when he loses his power of flight (gained from eating a jar full of flies), he turns to the audience and waves to them right before falling thousands of feet from the air.
  • Sounds from the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. can be heard when someone gets hit by a projectile.
  • a dog accidentally teaches Oscar how to find water. Later in the show, it is revealed that the dog's name is Roco. 
  • Because their is no dialogue, the show pauses for a moment and the main character has his or her name appearing next to their head when they first appear in every episode.

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