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Monday, April 23, 2012

Viva Pinata stuff (now I have the game!!!)

 If you read my blog post that I posted a few days ago (about viva pinata), then this one will be better.


Now I have the game and I have some interesting things to tell. There are Helpers that do whatever you hire them to do. In fact, Professor Pester was once a Helper (when he was called Lester). Here's a list.
  • Sprinkling - they water plants for you.
  • Diggerling - they mine and bring back everything they find to you.
  • Weedling - they exterminate weeds for you.
  • Watchling -  they keep Sours away from your garden (DON'T hire them if you want to tame the Sours).
  • Gatherling - they pick up produce, fruits, veggies, and other things and sell them, then they give you the money they make.
Here's a list of ultra valuable Pinata and how to get them.
  • Chewnicorn - to make it appear, have the Master Romancer (Horstachio) award. To make it visit, have a Gem Tree in your garden. To make it reside in your garden, feed it 15 gems and have a FULLY grown gem tree. The best part about having a Chewnicorn Resident is it will heal sick Pinatas if you direct a Chewnicorn to the sick pinata.
  • Dragonache - Have Diggerlings mine for a Dragonache egg. It will instantly reside after hatching.
  • Eaglair - to make it appear, you must a level 33 gardener or better. To make it visit, have five different species resident. To make it reside in your garden, feed it four Buzzenges, have ten different species resident and have a FULLY grown oak tree.
  • Cocoadile - it will show up once you are a level 27 gardener. To tame it (Cocoadiles are Sours, by the way), have 16% (160 meters) of water and feed a Sweetooth and a Swanana. The best part about taming Cocoadiles is they fertilize your plants by using it's tears.

Here's a list of dudes that help your Pinata.
  • Willy Builder - He builds houses for Pinatas. Because your a newbie (a newbie is someone is new at things, like playing this game) at the time, he will do the first job for FREE!!! But after that, you have to pay him to build something.
  • Dr. Patchino - A very nervous doctor. He heals sick Pinatas. Like Willy Builder, he does the first job for FREE!!! Patch also rushes to the patient unlike everybody else. But he doesn't run. No, he DRIVES!!! He drives his 1980 style go cart to the patient. But he never parks outside your garden. He parks quite literally right in front of the patient.
  • Helpers - They......well... they help. I suggest getting Diggerlings and Gatherlings.

  • Tafflies are lower in the food chain compared to Lickatoads, but they still show up even if there's a Lickatoad in your garden.
  • Leafos and Storkos look like they are twins. A line used by Leafos says they are sisters, but not twins.
  • Leafos, Storkos, Seedos, Jardinero and Dastardos never wear shoes. All of them are always barefoot. But everyone else in the game does where shoes.
  • When Pester was a Helper, according to Jardinero, he'd mess up most tasks and when Jardinero told him how to do it right, he only wrote down everything he told him.
  • Your garden in the game was once Jardinero's before he retired. Jardinero was the BEST gardener in the world. Even after he retired (because of a leg injury that made him wheel chair-bound) there was NO one as good as he was.
  • Every character in the game (excluding Pester, his Ruffians and Lottie) wears a uniquely designed mask.

NOTE: Picture from Viva Pinata Wiki.

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