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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skylanders stuff

I'm sure you read my Skylanders blog posts. So here's a blog post about the whole series!!!

the mysterious Chinese

Apparently, there are two confirmed new characters: Alchemist, and Vac Eagle. Alchemist, as his name suggests, fights by drinking a potion which transforms him into a bulkier version of himself. Vac Eagle, judging by the fact he has what appears to be a laser gun, probably fights using different styles of gunfire.

Here's a list of Skylanders that I think are truly unique.
  • Sunburn - the only winged Skylander who can't fly. He is unique because he can teleport AND has a dash attack. Normally video game characters have only one or the other.
  • Slam Bam - a four armed Skylander. He is unique because he is the only character that has ice powers.
  • Drill Sergeant - the only inorganic Skylander. He is unique because his third power (Auto Blaster) is automatic, therefore the player doesn't have to push a button to activate it.
  • Ghost Roaster - an undead Skylander. He is unique because of his Ectoplasm Mode, which makes him indestructible but loses a small amount of health over time (a large amount depending how long you stay in Ectoplasm Mode.).
  • Stealth Elf - a ninja like Skylander. She is unique because she can turn invisible.
  • Tree Rex - the first confirmed Giant Skylander. Like all Giants, he can pick up large heavy objects and throw them with little effort, can barrel through basically any kind of blockade, and from what I'd seen he can pull pieces of land over to where he's standing.  He's unique because of all these traits and has a cannon mounted on the lower half his arm (it also covers a bit of his right hand, specifically everything except the fingers and thumb.).
  • Flavius - though technically he's not a Skylander, he is classified as a warrior. He is unique because he can allow you to fly by having you ride on his back (Spyro can only fly just above the ground. Flavius can get hundreds of feet in the air.).

  • In the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, Dragon King Ramses says that he knows exactly who will be the next Dragon King when Ramses' time as king is done to Flavius, hinting that FLAVIUS will be the next king.
  • Captain Dreadbeard (from Pirate Seas Adventure Pack) is the only bonus level boss that is not fought in a boss fight. The first time he challenges you to a game of cards. If you win, he almost instantly retreats, only hesitating to tell you that he double-crossed you by kidnapping Jess LeGrand. The second time, he does the same thing as last time, but lets Jess go. Then he again almost instantly retreats, only hesitating to tell you that he will be back.
  • In The Beginning trailer, there is a Chinese dragon fighting alongside the Skylanders. No body knows who this is. Please tell me who you think is this dragon in a comment (picture seen above).
  • I'm probably the only one to notice this, but I've noticed that Kaos only uses elements with obvious differences.
  • Another thing I've noticed, he has only three of the four Skylanders (Darklanders in his case) in the elements he does use.

NOTE: Image from Spyro Wiki.

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