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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Season 2 of NINJAGO

Have you read my old blog post about NINJAGO? There's a new season and there's going to be supreme awesomeness!!!

The Ninja (Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay) have defeated the Skulkins (a Skulkin is a undead warrior.) and Lord Garmadon now, but they are about face a scaly new foe..........The Serpatine!!! The Skulkins were nothing compared to these monsters!!! They are half human, half snake. They have been banished to rot in underground prisons. But they have returned to wreak vengeance on us (Well, it was our ancestors that banished them.)!!!

Here's a list of Serpatine.
  • Skales - The leader of the Serpatine tribe known as Hypnobrai (Hip-No-br-i). He was once second in command until he overthrew the original leader, Slithera.
  • Slithera - the original leader of the Hypnobrai. He accidentally hypnotized himself when he saw his reflection. Because of that, Lloyd Garmadon took over the whole tribe and had them do his chores.
  • Mezmo - Mezmo is no more than a soldier. His only job is to obey orders from his superiors. According to his profile, he comes from a long line of Hypnobrai Warriors, and wants to get promoted to the Warrior rank as soon as possible.
  • Rattla - A scout of the Hypnobrai that (according to his profile) has hypnotizing problems. Also according to his profile, he does not care what his orders are and is more than willing to fight almost any foe.
  • Fangtom - the (double) head of the Fangpyres (Fang-PIE-r). Fangtom, unlike most Serpatine, has two heads. Also, he has a friendship with Skales.
  • Fangdam - Like Fangtom, he has two heads. Unlike Fangtom, he has real legs (Fangtom only has a snake coil/tail.).
  • Fang-suei - Fang-suei is nothing more that a soldier, a bit like Mezmo. A red Mezmo. But unlike Mezmo, he enjoys his position as a mere pawn. He also likes eating candy.
  • Snappa - A scout of the Fangpyres. He is acrobatic and believe me, his bite is worse than his hiss.
  • Skalidor - The leader of the Constrictai (CON-Strict-i). He is by far the tallest of his kind, as everybody else is three feet tall (half a inch in real live.). For some reason, he wears an eye patch over the left eye.
  • Bytar - Like his leader Skalidor, Bytar doesn't have two normal snake eyes. Unlike Skalidor, Bytar has no eye patch. the left eye appears to be scratched off by a wild animal, for the area around his left eye is chock full of scars and claw marks.
  • Chokun - Despite being a Constrictai, Chokun is very lightweight (Constrictai are like sumo wrestlers. They are supposed to weigh a lot and use that weight to their advantage). But he makes up for it with a nasty bite.
  • Snike - Snike is the only sniper in the Serpatine. But being both cross-eyed and colorblind, he winds up missing his target. A lot. But he hasn't given up hope!!! He practices on large bugs.
  • Acidicus - the leader and brains of the otherwise intelligently challenged Venomari (ven-UM-Mar-e). He has four eyes, and can make you hallucinate by spraying you with venom. Also, he supports Pythor P. Chumsworth in his plan to reawaken the Great Devourer.
  • Lizaru - If you are a Serpatine then this guy's got your back. He's got four fangs in his chops (teeth) and he knows how to use them. Plus, he sells potions. The main ingredient? His venomous saliva.
  • Spitta - This particular Venomari has a bit of a problem. Due to incredibly large teeth, he quite literally can't keep his mouth shut. Because of that, he drools poisonous spit all over the place. But he use vials to contain the said poison and sells it to Venomari that have limited venom to use in battle.
  • Lasha - All of the Venomari have four eyes. Except for Lasha, because one of his eyes is like scratched off by a wild animal (fan-theory). Therefore he has three eyes. Also, he's a scout. He warns the other Venomari of incoming hazards, tracks down enemies all the way down to the enemy home base, can read footprints, scratchmarks, carnage, and scent like a book and have the others finish off "prey" he tracked down. Despite have a non functioning eye the rest of his eyes have really good vison. He can spot you a mile away from a lookout tower no matter the location, no matter what time it is. And that's a fact!
  • Pythor P. Chumsworth - the King of the Serpatine. He is the last of his kind and is the only Serpatine that can speak in a English accent! Also, he has a long flexible neck that (in the show) often curls and bends.

The Serpatine have a variety of vehicles. Here's a list.
  • Fangpyre Mech - a humanoid robot with a snake head and a flexible tail. Pilot: Fang-suei.
  • Rattlecopter - a helicopter with a snake head but lacks the traditional snake tail. Pilot: Fangdam
  • Fangpyre truck - a monster truck with a snake head and a flexible tail. Pilot: Fangtom (pilot) & Fangdam (co-pilot)
  • Fangpyre Wrecking Ball - a vehicle with a mechanical arm that has a rope which has a giant metal ball on the other end. It also has a snake head and a flexible tail. Pilot: Fangdam (LEGO set), Fang-suei (TV show).
  • Snake Spinners - used by the Serpatine in Spinjitsu battles. Pilot: Every Serpatine that have normal or short legs, not the ones with snake tails instead of legs.

There is a fifth Ninja now. He's the Green Ninja. It's Lloyd Garmadon. That's right, Lloyd Garmadon. The one that took over the Hypnobrai. Well, Skales overthrew Slithera and banished Lloyd for using the Hypnobrai as his pawns. Then Lloyd became good after reading a book about the Serpatine called "Never trust a snake". The rest of the Ninja have two new forms. Kendo mode and Zx mode. In Kendo mode, they wear armor and fencing masks partly exposing their face. The Ninja mainly use Kendo mode when sparring against one another. In Zx mode, they have crests on their masks, shoulder guards over both shoulders, and have sheaths on their backs to put a total of two swords in. They unlock it after going deeper into their full potential. There's also this new Samurai X character. I know his identity but I'm not telling. I'll give you a hint though. He is a sibling to one of the Ninja not including the green Ninja.

I have some Serpatine jokes! Why did Fang-suei cross the road? He thought that there was candy on the other side!!! Why do Serpatine have a hard time sleeping? They don't have eyelids!!! What do you get when you have Rattla buried up to his neck in sand? Not enough sand!!! Why wouldn't the clam share his toys with the Serpatine? He was being shell-fish!!! Why did Pythor eat the other Serpatine's dinner? With a mouth as big as his, any body could've been that hungry!!! What is the only thing Fang-suei won't eat? Anything healthy!!! If Bytar has no nose, then how does he smell? Awful, even with a nose!!! What did Rattla hypnotize Mezmo into doing? Bringing him lunch!!! Okay I'm done.