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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Pinata!!!

Viva Pinata is a series I highly recommend for anyone who loves either gardening, or just want to party!!!

 A Dragonache                 A Mallowolf Pinata
Pinata (red)

Viva Pinata is about...well... pinatas. Also, there's a TV show that has some gameplay notes (EXAMPLE: in the episode Chewincorn in the garden, The episode is where Paulie, Fergy, and Franklin try to attract a Chewincorn with a Gem Tree A complete reference that Chewincorns will come to your garden if there's a Gem Tree.)

There are some dudes that either help you or ruin things for your garden. Here's a list.
  • Professor Pester - His real name is Lester, but after being called a personal pest by the locals, he took "Pester" as his real name. He cause trouble by deploying Ruffians to do stuff like trash your garden. But there is good news. When he does this, it means your garden has a valuable pinata.
  • Dastardos - a very creepy guy. He looks a bit like a ZOMBIE!!! And one thing I know about ZOMBIES, it's that they are not very bright. But anyway, Dastardos is rumored to be Leafos' long lost brother. He will smash any sick pinatas he finds.
  • Leafos - Leafos is like a sidekick. She tells you interesting things. However if it has to do with a pinata turning into another pinata, most of it is false rumors.
  • Jardinero - an old gardener. He is stuck in a wheel chair because of a severe injury during a shipwreck. His wife died during the same shipwreck. But the way I see it, he sealed his own fate because his wife would've been alive in the game if it wasn't for his quest for the legendary Dragonache pinata. Speaking of sealing fates, one of my battle quotes when I'm playing a video game is "<whatever the opponent's name is>, you just SEALED YOUR FATE!!!". But anyway, Jardinero will give you a title and a shovel upgrade from time to time.
  • Seedos - a dorky looking fellow. He will throw seeds (which you can use to grow plants) if poked several times. But hitting him causes him to plant seeds which grow Venus Pinata Traps and weeds.
  • Willy Builder - These guys build the houses for your Pinatas. Helpful tip, Building a house is one of the requirements to have a Pinata mate.
  • Sours - the Sours are red and black versions of six pinatas.
  • Storkos - apparently Pinatas don't give birth to other pinatas. Why? Because this girl named Storkos brings a Pinata egg after it's parents mated. Or they could've laid a egg and had Storkos take care of it for a while and then when the egg is close to hatching Storkos brings the egg back? I don't know, but this is a fan theory.

Pinatas have differently designed houses. When two Pinatas fall in love, they go to the closest house to mate (wed, marry, date, whatever). Pinatas often do a little dance while mating (wedding, marrying, dating, whatever). The dance varies between species.

Some species don't get along, and if they get see each other..........well, I'll make it short and keep things snappy. They will most likely try to kill each other (not literally, only metaphorically). To prevent these fights, I recommend that you keep them separated with either a fence or a deep pond. Unless one or the other can fly or swim. Then...........just use a fence.

There is a TV show that has some facts from the game. The list of characters in the show is below.
  • Hudson - a Horstachio. He is like a celebrity star towards other Pinatas. He even has his own agent!!! He's confident, a bit of a show off and since he's a celebrity, he entertains parties for the rich, wealthy, or other celebrities (of coarse, he entertains humans, not other Pinatas.).
  • Fergy - a Fudgehog. He has a fear of getting smashed to bits by party goers. But he eats a lot, making him bigger and filling him up with candy. As a result Langston (the dude that sends Pinatas to "par-take" in "par-tays".) often sends him to entertain people.
  • Paulie - A Pretztail that's Fergy and Franklyn's best bud. He, like Fergy, don't like Pinatas. But in his case, it's because the lifestyle of a average Pinata is like this: Eat, fill up with candy, go to parties, get smashed, spill treats, get patched up, do all over again. And for Paulie, he thinks that this lifestyle is just plain pointless. So he hides his candy in tail so that when he does get busted open, his candy doesn't spill.
  • Franklin - the best friend of Paulie and Fergy. As a Fizzlybear, he likes surfing (figures. Fizzlybears LOVE surfing. That's why their houses look like surf shops!!!). But he isn't a good dancer (unless you play a surfing CD, then he dances very well.). Also, he quite literally, can't tell a lie. So don't tell him to keep a secret.
  • Ted & Tina - both are a single Twingersnap that absolutely hate each other. They have a.....love hate relationship.
  • Les - the smartest Pinata ever. His IQ even rivals that of mine!!! Only problem is, nobody can understand literally a single word he says.
  • Langston - a Lickatoad that is known as the "Pinata Wrangler". He targets Fergy. I mean, he's chock full of candy and sweets!!! He carries a handheld and portable version of the Candiosity (candy-OS-it-e) Meter.

For more info about Viva Pinata, go to Viva Pinata Wiki.  And on that note, the pictures are from Viva Pinata Wiki.

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